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Welcome to Korg World. This is the club for anyone who owns a Korg Pa arranger keyboard. You will find useful information and news about the Pa range of keyboards. Our next magazine is due to be sent out at the end of October, a little later than normal, but all will be revealed as to why when you receive it. 

We have lots of things happening here at KORG world and we promise that you will love what we have in store. 

Tell your friend about KORG world and if you are a member of an organ or keyboard club, tell your club committee all about us. 
Watch this space for more announcements. 

Latest Updates

See and hear the amazing Pa1000 in action!

See and hear the amazing Pa1000 in action! Click Here

KORG All about Arrangers and Bonus Ware

With the recent release of Style Pack Vol.31, we received a lot of feedback from Pa owners that were struggling to find the download page on korg.c...

KORG Release New Style Pack Vol.31

New Style pack announced for Pa4X, Pa1000 and Pa700

Digital Download For Issue 1 Now Available!

As part of our ongoing program to deliver the best possible customer experience, we have now made Issue1 available as a digital download. Click her...

Professional Arranger Video Archive

We know how daunting it can be searching for the best and most relevant videos on YouTube. So we've done the work for you and prepared a definitive list of help and tutorial videos for all of the latest Professional Arranger keyboards.

Just select the relevant link below for your product and you'll be taken to a list of great tutorial videos.

Andy Carvill Plays The Pa4X!

Andy Carvill a regular contributor to KORG World and accomplished composer, has written a selection of songs for us to share with you.

Andy writes "I really find the Pa4X a great source of inspiration, these examples demonstrate the quality of the styles on board a Pa4X. These recordings are NOT over recorded in any way, they are in fact a live performance, with melody and left-hand chords, and using preset styles.

The KORG Pa Range


KORG debuts the newest High Performance Arranger in the acclaimed Pa-Series of Professional Arrangers, the Pa700. 

With plenty of new sounds (featuring Defined Nuance Control for enhanced realism) which keep performances fresh and exciting, as well as an enormous expanded range of styles covering music genres from all over the world. Combine this with powerful performance functionality, an intuitive user interface, and rich, sculpted sound, and you have an Arranger for the most discerning and demanding player. 

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With more power than ever before and numerous long-awaited new features, the Pa1000 sets a new standard for arranger workstations.

A massive leap forward from the legendary and best selling Pa900, KORG has raised the bar of excellence by offering newer, even more realistic sounds and powerful new features, delivered in a slim and professional looking design, at an even more affordable price.

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KORG has spent decades innovating new technologies designed to propel every keyboard performance to the highest level of excellence. KORG’s flagship Pa4X Professional Arranger continues this tradition with incredible refinements to every aspect of the sound quality—and with enhanced performance capabilities. The Pa4X Professional Arranger is more than a keyboard. It’s your backup band; your accompanist; and your musical director. It’s your soundman; your effects engineer; and your always in-tune background singers.

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The Pa300 is the entry level product in the KORG Pa series. It’s compact, inexpensive and powerful, with the most up-to-date collection of quality sounds and Styles. Using the built in Styles, you can quickly and easily play along with a backing band or even create your own music. The Pa300 is not only fun to play any time you like, but it’s the ideal way for people of all ages to write and perform music!

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The Pa600 is a brilliant Professional Arranger that distils the sonic essence and functionality of the Pa series into a compact and affordable new instrument. Using our RX (Real eXperience) and DNC (Defined Nuance Control) technology, the Pa600 delivers sound quality that’s unprecedented in an arranger keyboard.

With its compact cabinet, TFT color TouchView display, enormous factory and user PCM memory, huge style database and excellent amplification system, KORG has raised the standard of excellence in the entry-level price range.

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The HAVIAN 30 provides all the essential piano sounds, plus a collection of additional musical instrument sounds, in a compact and stylish cabinet. The finely-tuned, authentic acoustic piano sound and accompaniment section inherited from the world-renowned KORG Pa-Series arranger keyboards, will satisfy the most demanding player. HAVIAN 30 will fit perfectly in any home, studio or school.

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