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Korg World Magazine Subscription - 12 months

The ultimate magazine for Korg owners. Featuring news from Korg, tutorials for Pa owners and lots of help and advice to get the most out of your keyboard. 
28 page A4 full colour magazine with a soft touch outer cover - a premium owners magazine for a premium product. If you own a Pa arranger keyboard, this magazine will help to guide you through the features and get the most out of your instrument. 

In edition 2:

  • The new Korg Konnect all in one stereo PA speaker
  • Pa 700 and Pa1000 songbook update information
  • News about various Korg club groups throughout the UK
  • Korg Kronology part 2
  • How to use Songbook part 1
  • Andy Carvill's letter from America
  • How to get the best strings tutorial 
  • Shortcut map for the Shift button controls
  • PA effects - how to adjust effects on the Pa range

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